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Time to dance for sale in the major digital stores

Published on February 12th 2018 the first single containing three musical tracks that will make you jump from the chairs.

Robert Papa - Time to Dance

Robert Papa - Time to Dance

The tracks contained in the first single by Robert Papa, self-produced with the iM Dance label, are available in the major digital stores.

After years of research and experimentation to amalgamate the sounds, Time to Dance is born, a starting point for spreading my music and my way of interpreting the world through musical notes.

Three different concepts, united by the desire to dance. With "Time to Dance" we travel in the Tribal and Chill House rhythm, in which the magical guitar of Stefano Pavone, a true music professional, breaks in. "Epsy Style", instead, brings us back to the monotony represented by the repetitiveness of an electronic device, to which we react with such a strong desire of Techno. "Lovers" is an invitation: find a partner and go on the dance floor.

I am very excited today and I want to break down the world, stay connected with me, buy your copy and Enjoy the Music!

Pubblicato il 12 February 2018.


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