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Robert Papa is a musical project in a constant research of sounds and musicality used to model my songs leaving a timeless imprint.

There is no defined genre, because music has no patterns or imposed limits. I embrace the House Music, Chill House, Dance Music, Techno, Tribal House, Ambient, Soundtrack, Rock and Pop. Each song has its own identity but all are united by the same purpose: to make the listener feel good.

The first project "Time to Dance" overlooks the House, Chill House and Techno genres. The single is composed of three songs, different in approach but united in the desire to make you move to the overwhelming rhythm of House Music:

1) Time to Dance: "Close your eyes, relax your body and come into my world". it was designed in this way, to relax your body and let it go, accompanied by the hand by Stefano Pavone's expert guitar;

2) Epsy Style: what happens when the monotony of an electronic device during a working day meets a pounding rhythm?

3) Lovers: love is passion, encounters, looks. Love is to dance together in an empty room during a fleeting meeting or on a crowded dancefloor.

I leave you the key to this parallel universe, get in when you want.